High Volatility Slots Online: Where to Play?

Date of publication: August 11, 2023

Greetings to all lovers of tickling the nerves and crashing the jackpot! Today our team has prepared a detailed analysis of one of the most speculative topics in the gambling world – high volatility slots! What are their pros and cons? Is it possible to make a good amount of money on them? And, most importantly, where to find the best high volatility slots? We answer all your questions!

Our team reviews dozens of criteria and finds only the best companies with a proven reputation. So if you are ready to dive into a fascinating journey through the world of gambling, then we begin our investigation! Let’s get started!

What Does Volatility Mean in Slots?

So, what does volatility mean in slots? In simple terms, volatility measures the risk associated with a particular slot game. It gives you an idea of how the game behaves and what kind of winning pattern you might expect.

High volatility slot machines are associated with higher risk. They don’t pay out as frequently, but when they do, the wins can be quite substantial. They might require a larger budget and patience, but the potential large payouts can entice some players.

On the other hand, low volatility slot machines are characterized by more frequent but smaller payouts. They present a lower risk, which means your bankroll tends not to fluctuate as much. These machines might appeal to those who enjoy extended play sessions and value entertainment over the prospect of hitting a large jackpot.

Understanding the volatility of a reel can greatly affect your gameplay strategy and potential returns. Paying attention to this factor can help players choose games that best suit their risk tolerance and playing style. Ultimately, whether you prefer high or low volatility games is entirely dependent on your individual preference.

10 Best High Volatility Slots

Our team has prepared a selection of the ten best slots with high volatility. We carefully choose them according to dozens of criteria, including stability of payments, feedback from regular users, and, most importantly, the availability of all legal documents. 

We also contact casino representatives directly to find out their RTP or volatility indicator in order to compile the top most profitable sites. So, feel free to try any of the casinos on our list and enjoy the game!

Slots nameVolatility indicator (RTP)Provider name
Magic Garden 1098.9%Smartsoft
Thrones of Persia98.8%TomHorn
Marching Legions98.1%RelaXGaming
The Lucky Pub97.9%World Match
White Rabbit Megaways97.7%BigTimeGaming
Coyote Cash97.5%RealTime Gaming
Pentagram 500097.5%Realistic Games
Ninja vs Samurai97.4%PG Soft
Blazing Bull97.4%Kalamba

Magic Garden 10

Smartsoft released Magic Garden 10, a highly volatile slot game, on February 2, 2022. With an impressive RTP of 98.9%, players can expect a low fee while enjoying the game. The slot offers ten fixed bet lines and the chance to win up to x50000. Additionally, players can take advantage of special features such as Free spins, Wild, Scatter, and the Double-up (gamble) feature. 

Thrones of Persia

Thrones of Persia is an exceptional video slot game that promises thrilling gameplay and the potential for substantial winnings. With its remarkable RTP of 98.83%, players are in for an incredible return on their investment. The game also boasts captivating graphics, immersive sound effects, and a range of special features, including a Bonus game, Free spins, Wild symbols, and Scatter symbols. 

Marching Legions

Marching Legions, a game developed by RelaXGaming and released on July 2, 2020, offers an impressive package for slot enthusiasts. With a high RTP of 98.12%, it stands out among other slots, providing players a greater chance of winning. The game’s high volatility level adds to the excitement, and with a maximum possible win of x10,000, the potential for substantial payouts is evident. Marching Legions features 243 fixed paylines and engaging special features, including Free spins, Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, and a Buy bonus feature. 

How is Slot Volatility Calculated?

Absolutely, knowledge is power in the world of slot gaming! When it comes to understanding volatility in slots, players should be prepared to don their detective hats.

The slot volatility is typically a closely guarded secret by game developers for proprietary reasons. However, we can still break it down into simpler terms: slot volatility measures the frequency and size of payouts.

When dealing with low volatility slots, you look at machines that dish out wins more frequently, but the payouts are generally smaller. These machines are the slot world’s steady Eddies, offering a consistent flow of smaller rewards that can help keep your balance buoyant. Their volatility is determined by crunching the numbers to demonstrate a higher frequency of smaller payouts.

On the flip side, high volatility slots are like the elusive white whales of the slot world. They pay out less frequently, but when they do, it’s a big splash! Their volatility is calculated based on a lower frequency of bigger wins.

Another option for calculation is the RTP. For example, an RTP of 90% means that for a $100 bet, the casino returns $90 in winnings. On average, a figure above 90-95% is considered a pretext for designating a casino as a high volatility one.

Don’t be afraid to do a bit of online sleuthing to uncover more about slot volatility or even reach out directly to slot sites for additional information. Understanding slot volatility could help you align your gaming decisions with your risk tolerance and play style, and who doesn’t love a game plan that fits like a glove?

High Volatility vs. Low Volatility Slots

As slot enthusiasts, it’s crucial to understand the difference between high and low volatility slots to tailor your gaming experience to your style and risk tolerance.

Slot machine volatility refers to the risk involved and the payout potential. When you’re dealing with high volatility slots, you’re stepping into the territory of high risk but high reward. These are the highest volatility slots, where payouts are less frequent but pack a punch when they hit. If you’ve ever wondered, “what does high volatility mean in slots?” Think of it as going on a roller-coaster ride with high peaks and deep valleys.

On the contrary, low volatility slots are like taking a scenic drive on a flat road. You’ll experience frequent but smaller wins. These machines offer a more predictable and steady experience, with less risk involved, but also smaller rewards.

Remember, neither is better; it’s all about aligning the volatility with your gaming preferences and risk appetite. So, go ahead and pick your thrill!

How To Find a Volatility Score

Finding a slot’s volatility score might sound challenging, but it can be quite straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

First, you can start with a quick Google search. Typing in the name of the slot followed by “volatility” often yields results. There are plenty of online databases and slot review sites providing such information.

Second, you can directly check on the slot machine’s info or help section. Some game developers explicitly state the volatility level in the game’s details.

Lastly, you can also gauge the slot’s volatility by playing it. If you notice frequent, smaller wins, it’s likely a low volatility slot. However, if wins are infrequent but sizeable, it leans towards being a high volatility slot.

The key here is to find the balance that suits you – ‘low volatility high RTP slots’ for consistent but smaller wins or ‘high volatility vs. low volatility slots’ when chasing the big win. Remember, the right choice depends on your play style and risk tolerance


In conclusion, understanding volatility in slots is vital for a successful and enjoyable online gaming experience. It lets you choose a game that matches your risk preference and playing style. Whether you go for high volatility slots online aiming for those big, rare wins or opt for low volatility slots for frequent but smaller rewards, the choice is yours. Remember, the joy of playing slots is not only about winning but also the thrill of the game. So, play responsibly, have fun, and may the odds ever be in your favor.