What do we cover in the article?

The twenty-first century allows gamblers from all over the world to make some bets at sports games, spin the slot machine, or play cards anytime from anywhere. And the convenience of not getting to a sleazy smokey casino makes a gambler’s life more pleasant but are these websites legit in the US and can you actually feel safe when you bet online? 

I mean, it’s a given that all casinos are not for those with empty pockets and you have to watch your expenses but the thing is that online gambling is putting you at even greater risk. Since most online gambling in 2021 is concentrated on “offshore” sites which have no license to operate in the USA, everyone who gambles online doesn’t have anyone to turn to in case of a scam. 

Thus, you have to be aware of all the pitfalls if you want to win real money in online casinos and not get scammed.

What is gamblingcourt.org about?

What we have described above about most casinos holding no responsibility for any actions and unfairnesses makes us furious. Honestly, every member of our team at least once has been a victim of a rigged website and ended up being broke. Probably, that is the main reason why we are so pissed off with all that and want to establish ourselves as a judge for the online casinos which deceive people and rip them off. 


Don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that all virtual casinos are bad and you have to steer clear of them. We find it intriguing and somehow even romantic, not to mention that it’s a great way to kill time and once in a blue moon win some extra money. 

That’s why we just want the players to have a place to come to when they need unbiased opinions on the gambling industry in general and certain gambling sites in particular. We gathered a professional team, each member of which has more than 10 years of experience in the betting industry and obtains all the required knowledge to ensure you know everything you need for safe gambling. 

At gamblingcourt.com we do our best to provide you with in-depth reviews of each online casino we come across. Not only do we carry out our research but also we test every casino ourselves and try to win there in order to check the withdrawal system.

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Why should you trust us?

Our team consists of people who have been gambling their whole adult life and know everything about gambling in online casinos. We start our day by reading all court cases concerning any kind of gambling to gather all up-to-date information about offline and online betting places.
Most importantly, we are doing it not to make sponsored reviews and praise those websites that pay us money. Our main goal is to make an independent resource where our readers could find everything about gambling in terms of legacy and legitimacy.
We can immediately tell what site you can trust and which one is rigged. And we are very excited about sharing our knowledge with those who need it. And we are even more excited to finally uncover the truth about these scam websites. Our plan is to take a look at both new gambling sites and well-known ones.

What is online gambling?

Virtual gambling is no different from real casinos with the only difference that you don’t even leave your bed if you want to play blackjack or something like that. Therefore, people tend to prefer to stay at home and gamble more.
The process of betting online is pure and simple. You chose the website, put some funds into your account, and wager with the hope to profit. Online casinos definitely know how to draw your attention since there are hundreds of various games.

Types of online gambling

There is no lack of diversity when it comes to games on the internet with real rewards. 

Online gambling is developing at such a rapid speed that nowadays you’ll find on the best gambling websites every game you are crazy about. Be it poker, blackjack, roulette, or classic slot machines. If you still get confused, let’s look at the major types of gambling: 


  • Online poker – same old poker but played on the laptop to mobile phone. You top up your balance on the account and play some cards. Then withdraw your funds if you were lucky to win.

  • Casino games- it may include a lot of various games like blackjack, roulette, backard, etc. On some casinos even live-dealer options are available. In live dealer games, you can interact with people via chat and a person who deals the cards in real-time.

  • Sports betting – the main idea is to predict what will be the outcome of a particular game. In case you are right, you get real money on your account. If not – you lose it. The biggest mistake is to think that sports betting is all about wild guesses but it’s not entirely true. It requires some knowledge and practice so we’d recommend you to learn first and then bet real money. 


Of course, eventually, we will create a list of the best legit gambling websites. But first things first, we have to reveal the truth about all scam ones to prevent you from being scammed. 

Are online gambling sites are regulated in the USA?

Gambling regulations in the USA are a very complicated matter. According to the official laws each state has to make a decision whether to allow betting or not. 

For example, in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, you can legally play poker, casino games and make sports bets. While in  Virginia and Illinois only sports betting is legally allowed.  


But when it comes to gambling on the internet, even more questions arise. It’s all because online gambling is a relatively new entertainment and therefore, not well-regulated yet. I mean, no one actually knows how to manage all these websites appearing almost every day. As a result, we have hundreds of virtual casinos and most of them are far from being legit. The USA wants jurisdiction but at the moment we can’t call it illegal because practically there are no laws against it. 

How to detect a legit casino?

It might be a pretty intimidating task we must say, considering that people who create betting websites are really tech-savvy. So if you have zero experience in online gambling it can be impossible to tell whether the website is real and legit. There are numerous variables to take into account when defining a legit casino: 

  1. License and certificate
    It will be the first one to pay attention to. Unless an online casino is licensed it can not be considered legal because it’s not regulated by authorities. Therefore, all legit websites are very transparent about their license and display it on the main page. 
  2. Reliable payment methods
    Legitimate casinos use various banking systems for depositing and withdrawing money. This way you can choose the one you trust. 
  3. Utilisation of RNG (Random Number Generator) software
    You have a right to expect good odds when betting online. Otherwise, you are bound to lose a fortune without any profit, whatsoever. 
  4. 24/7 customer support
    Licensed casinos always care about their users and are ready to assist them any time round the clock. Trust us, when it comes to betting your own money you’ll want an immediate response in case you face any issues. 
  5. Reputation
    Last but not least. Revise all the information on the main page, search for reviews on the internet and read all you can find about the casino brand. In 90% of cases, legit casinos are known in the gambling field and you’ll easily access everything you need to know about their brand. 

What is the best and safest online casino?

Obviously, to prove its legitimacy it must be a casino that meets all the requirements we mentioned above. Before you make any decision about putting your money somewhere first you get acquainted with the main page, “about us” section, read all reviews you can possibly find on the net, and only then make a bet. 

I know that checking all these parameters must be very time- and energy-consuming but you must bear in mind that otherwise, you have no chance to avoid a scam. 


Regarding the best casino, it’s hard to tell you what casino can be considered the best. We have to take into account various parameters you might be looking for. 

It all greatly depends on the preferred payment method, what kind of gambling do you prefer, etc. 

Eventually, we will create top lists for all these criteria. 


The bottom line is, online casinos are one of the easiest ways to scam people. Online gambling laws in the US  are still in question and you can’t rely on their rules and regulations. Since it’s still quite a challenge for them to track any online activity. 


What is more, as you already understood there are few licensed casinos online and the rest aren’t regulated by any authorities which makes it even worse. Supposing, you faced a fraud website, and it’s registered somewhere in Curacao, it’s slightly possible for you to find anyone who will answer to you. 


So the only thing left is to take charge of your budget safety and investigate the chosen website and choose a legit website in the first place. 

Unless you want to do the research on your own, stick to our website and get to the depth of regulations with our expertise and experience.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Can I win real money in online casinos?
    Supposing, you have done your research about the website, obtain all the necessary skills for professional gambling, and are ready to compete with other players – yes. 
  2. Are online casinos fair?
    Obviously, when you go for an online casino you realize you’re not gonna win all the time. Though, all legit gambling websites implement Random Number Generator (RNG) software which ensures fair odds. 
  3. What’s an offshore casino?
    Those are casinos that are not located in the USA and therefore, are not under US jurisdiction. People establish their casinos somewhere in the Caribbean where gambling is not forbidden in any form. 
  4. Are all offshore casinos rigged?
    Not all, but most of them. You see, it’s very tempting to steal people’s money if you know that you can get away with it. They are not regulated by the US government so whatever they do isn’t punished whatsoever. 
  5. Who governs online gambling?
    As was said before, online gambling in the US is far from a straightforward subject, as well as any gambling. Basically, it’s legal under federal law but every state regulates wagering on the internet separately.